Theatre Crew

The Los Gatos Theatre is seeking to hire enthusiastic and motivated theatre crew members!

This is an entry level position that encompass all areas of the operations of the theatre from being an usher and taking tickets, to working the concessions and cash register to ensuring the theatre and facilities are kept in the utmost clean as well as safe condition.

As an employee of the Los Gatos Theatre, customer satisfaction and experience will be your number one priority. From the moment a guest walks into the lobby, the appropriate greeting and acknowledgment will be their first impression. We will be looking for those potential hires that exuberate a friendly, polite and professional presence that will reflect the type of customer service we expect as part of this team.

To be an effective LGT staff member, we also will be looking for those individuals that can demonstrate excellent communication and cooperation skills that are necessary to be part of a cohesive and efficient group. We will expect all employees to be hard working, have the ability to take direction and reflect a positive customer service attitude for all those they interact with. We also secretly hope you share a passion for the movies and all the other community benefits that this organization will be bringing to the town of Los Gatos.

If this sounds like you and you are as fired up as we are to be part of this team, please complete the following application and turn it in to the Los Gatos Theater.

Key Responsibilities

  • Greet guests, sell tickets and concessions, operate POS terminals and deliver food orders
  • Restock inventory
  • Maintain cleanliness of concession area, theatre auditoriums, and restrooms
  • Assist guests and resolve any issues or concerns
  • General maintenance during non-busy periods (trash, windows, other surfaces)
  • Be readily available for all other functions as instructed by lead or supervisor
  • Communicate and escalate any misconduct within the facility

Minimum Qualifications

  • Ability to work a minimum of ten hours per week which will encompass at least three shifts (shifts are 3-4 hours in length)– two on the weekend (Friday-Sunday) and one during the week (Monday-Thursday)
  • Maintain a GPA that is in good standing at your high school
  • Comfortable communicating with guests, co-workers and management
  • Present a friendly and welcoming demeanor to all customers and patrons
  • Good math and cash-handling skills

To apply, please download and fill out the two applications here. Once completed, you can email them to or drop them off directly at the Theatre.

Los Gatos Theatre Crew Application (pdf)

Work Permit Form (pdf)